Monday, December 2, 2013

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

I missed an opportunity to give you all a Thanksgiving poem from my dad, but it'll just have to wait until next Thanksgiving.  Fear not, lots and lots more coming from him through this blog in the mean time...including this little gem!

It's fascinating to read a poem describing human life this way from someone who's now part of the bigger picture in Heaven.  I hope you enjoy! --Sean

Thanksgiving is over; we all had a bash.
Now we’re sick and tired of turkey hash.
Christmas is coming, shopping lists are long,
Even razor blades for Old King Kong.
From store to store, to and fro,
God help us—I hope it doesn’t snow.
Easily assembled, instructions within:
Don’t try to buy it—you cannot win.
With heavy traffic you have to fight,
On Christmas Eve, you’ll be up all night.
But then you sleep—you get no applause.
The credit goes to Santa Claus.
But the feeling within you tells you God is near:
Happy Christmas to all, and a bright new year!

Dick Brennan

(no specific date available yet, I'll keep looking!)

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